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What is Neutral Evaluation? What is the Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration? Where Can I Mediate? When Can I Mediate? Why Mediate?

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Why Mediate?

Being able to resolve a frustrating dispute that drains time and energy from other endeavors is a major benefit of mediation. Another major advantage is saving time and money that would have likely been spent on additional litigation fees and court costs. There are inevitable delays in court proceedings due to the rising tide of litigation as well as the nature of the legal process itself. Mediation provides an alternative, acting as a bridge to aid the parties in finding a working solution. The parties also gain the benefit of having more flexibility and control over the outcome than if a judge had imposed a decision, and enjoy the possibility of continuing a working relationship on mutually agreeable terms. Even if no settlement is reached, the parties will have a clearer understanding of their own as well as their opposing parties’ positions.

wouldnt your rather use a mediator than go to a courthouse